Public Jobs

Bids due in 20 days
6/18/20 10:00 am
2020 Rosalia Airport Hangar Development Project - Distribution
J-U-B Engineers
Rosalia, WA
The project generally consists of the construction of a 90’x35’ aviation hangar and associated site work. The hangar will have (2) 40’ x 12’ multi panel sliding hangar doors with an interior wall down the center of the building, creating (2) separate 45’ x 35’ hangar units. The building will have a concrete floor and asphalt approaches to each door. Each unit will have (1) walkdoor with a concrete slab in front of each. The units will have electrical service extended to service their lighting and power supply requirements. A building permit will be required and is the responsibility of the Contractor.
Bids due in 25 days
6/23/20 3:00 am
White Buffalo Meadows Phase 3 Infrastructure - Distribution
Womer and Associates, Inc.
Nespelem, WA
Project consists of a completing the infrastructure of Sage Brush and Powers Road which includes HMA, concrete sidewalks, water, sewer, power, communications, lighting, temporary erosion control, etc.
Bids due in 20 days
6/18/20 2:00 pm
NIC: Resurface Parking Lots - Distribution
HMH Engineering, LLC
Coeur d'Alene, ID
A description of the work of this project can be summarized to include the reconstruction of the Headwaters Complex and Boswell Hall parking lots and several sidewalks located on the North Idaho College (NIC) campus in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
Bids due in 24 days
6/22/20 10:00 am
Crane Orchard Road - Distribution
Douglas County
Douglas County, WA
Processing and Finishing, Crushed Surfacing Top Course, HMA, Monument Case and Cover, Traffic Control, and other work, all in accordance with the attached Contract Plans, these Contract Provisions, and the Standard Specifications.
Bids due in 26 days
6/24/20 2:00 pm
Water System Improvements - Distribution
HECO Engineers
Monument, OR
This project consists of a cartridge water treatment filtration system, water filtration building, site improvements, booster pumps, new well pumps, well-house rehabilitation, piping, irrigation piping & services, and other related items as specified in the plans & contract documents.
Bids due in 20 days
6/18/20 10:00 am
Liberty Lake Road Preservation Project - Distribution
Liberty Lake, WA
The project consists of existing asphalt pavement surface preparation (asphalt patching, curb line and butt joint grinding), roadway excavation, asphalt pre-level paving and asphalt overlay paving, painted lane striping and pavement markings on Liberty Lake Road between Sprague Ave. and E. Country Vista Drive.
Bids due in 13 days
6/11/20 5:30 pm
ECCC Teen Center (GC Select) - Distribution
ZBA Architecture
Spokane, WA
East Central Community Center - ECCC Teen Center
Bids due in 17 days
6/15/20 10:00 am
Steptoe Area & Rosalia Roads Overlay - Distribution
Whitman County Engineering
Whitman County, WA
This contract provides for the improvement of approximately 0.28 miles of Scholz Road, County Road No. 2270, from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.28, 0.15 miles of McMeekin Road, County Road No. 3860, from milepost 1.73 to milepost 1.88, 0.13 miles of Steptoe-Station St., County Road No. 3862, from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.13, 0.11 miles of Steptoe-Steptoe St., County Road No. 3870, from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.11, and 0.49 miles of Rosalia Road, County Road No. 0025, from milepost 0.00 to milepost 0.49, by HMA paving, traffic control and other work, all in accordance with the Contract Plans and Provisions and the Standard Specifications.
Bids due in 17 days
6/15/20 1:00 pm
NSC - Regal, Cleveland, Grace, Greene, Jackson, Ralph Water & Sewer Replace and Casings - Dist
City of Spokane Engineering Dept.
Spokane, WA
This project consists of the construction of approximately 385 feet of 48” and 54” steel casings installed by boring and open cut, 4,200 feet of 30” ductile iron water pipe, 1,530 feet of 36” ductile iron water pipe, 280 feet of 8” ductile iron water pipe, 815 feet of 12” pvc sanitary sewer pipe, 156 linear feet of storm sewer, 3 drainage structures, bio-infiltration swales, 1900 linear feet of sidewalk, 4,200 square yards of 3-inch thick HMA pavement 800 square yards of 4-inch thick HMA pavement, 2,200 square yards of 5-inch thick HMA pavement, 3,000 square yards of 8-inch thick HMA pavement, sundry utility adjustments, and other related miscellaneous items.
Bids due in 11 days
6/9/20 2:00 pm
ITD - District 2 Administration Building Remodel and Addition - Distribution
Castellaw Kom Architects
Lewiston, ID
A description of the work of this project can be summarized as follows: remodeling approximately 2,800 SF of the First Floor by relocating the main entry to a more ideal location for accessibility and better security for the public and staff, and providing an 1,150 SF addition for a new lobby entrance and conference room expansion providing additional meeting space for public and staff; remodeling approximately 4,400 SF of the Second Floor office and work areas to create a more flexible and open work environment, and providing a 530 SF addition for breakout and meeting space; parking and site work related to the new main entry addition; ADA upgrades; and new finishes in approximately 3,600 SF of the existing building.