Public Jobs

Bids due in 19 days
11/17/20 2:00 pm
Town of Latah Well No. 2 Rehabilitation - Distribution
J-U-B Engineers
Latah, WA
The project generally consists of work to rehabilitate Well No. 2, including replacement of pump and motor, electrical equipment and controls, electrical improvements, emergency power plug, well level transducer, and telemetry improvements to communicate with the control panel for Well No. 1, and other associated items of work.
Bids due in 19 days
11/17/20 10:00 am
Lift Station 2 and Force Main Replacement - Distribution
Gray & Osborne, Inc.
Warden, WA
The scope of work includes installation of approximately 2,800 linear feet of force main, a new lift station with associated site and electrical work, HMA pavement repair, and all other appurtenances required to complete the work.
Bids due in 19 days
11/17/20 3:00 pm
Olympic College Mechanical Improvements - Distribution
Hultz/BHU Engineers Inc.
Bremerton, WA
Campus of Olympic College: 1. Building 4 – Humanities & Student Services: Provide three new air conditioning units. [Note that this is Alternate Bid No 1 work, see Section 01 03 00 - Alternates.] 2. Building 6 – Hazelwood Library: Replace existing HVAC unit HVAC-3 with new and provide HVAC revisions at first floor. Remove existing HVAC unit HVAC-4 and provide VRF system at area served. 3. Building 8 – Science & Technology: Provide new fume hood fan and connect to an existing fume hood. 4. Building 10 – Bremerton Student Center: Provide HVAC system balancing and commissioning for existing HVAC equipment in kitchen area. Replace kitchen hood fire suppression systems with new. Replace water heater with new. Provide VRF system with office spaces. 5. Building 15 – Facilities Services Building: Provide controls for HVAC units in data rooms. Work also includes plumbing, controls, balancing, and electrical work associated with the HVAC scope. Also includes roof penetration work. [Note that this is Alternate Bid No 2 work, see Section 01 03 00 - Alternates.]
Bids due in 13 days
11/11/20 3:30 pm
Remodel for Pinehurst Fire Station (Sub-Bids to Ginno Construction) - Distribution
Ginno Construction Company
Pinehurst, ID
Building is be Type V-B construction. Building components shall consist of site work, concrete, asphalt, curbs and sidewalks, wood framing, T1-11 siding, metal roofing, insulation, metal flashings, wood doors, HM frames, rubber base, LVT, GWB, painting, plumbing fixtures, HVAC, fire sprinklers, lighting, power, data, fire alarm, signage.
Bids due in 35 days
12/3/20 2:00 pm
City of Kellogg Teeter's Field Concession Stand and Restrooms (Re-Bid) - Distribution
Alta Science & Engineering, Inc.
Kellogg, ID
The Project consists of constructing a new 21-foot by 38-foot concession stand with restrooms and other related work as set forth in the Contract Documents.
Bids due in 19 days
11/17/20 2:00 pm
WSU LID Frontage Improvements Phase 4a - Distribution
City of Puyallup
Puyallup, WA
The work includes construction of approximately 600 linear feet of roadway using porous HMA and asphalt treated permeable base. Other work elements include construction of concrete traffic curb, planter strip, pervious concrete sidewalks, cement concrete driveway approaches, extension of vehicle underpass, cut-walls, fill-walls, miscellaneous utility improvements, and luminaires. Preload, including temporary wall(s), will be required to accommodate roadway widening.
Bids due in 42 days
12/10/20 2:00 pm
Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center - Aquatic Play Structure Replacement - Distribution
City of Moscow
Moscow, ID
The City of Moscow is accepting sealed proposals for the design, sale, delivery, and construction and installation of an aquatic play structure at the Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center (HLAC) located at 830 North Mountain View Road in Moscow Idaho. This aquatic play structure is a replacement piece for the existing structure. The City of Moscow City Council will select one (1) supplier for the provision of the replacement aquatic play structure and its successful installation.
Bids due in 33 days
12/1/20 2:00 pm
Burbank Business Park Lift Station No. 2 - PWW 2020-15 - Distribution
Anderson Perry & Associates
Walla Walla, WA
The work includes installation of approximately 2,265 feet of 8-, 10-, and 12-inch gravity sewer pipe, 175 feet of 6-inch pressure sewer pipe, 13 manholes, one sewer lift station, one water service connection, and site mass grading. Also included will be surface restoration, together with all other work in accordance with the Contract Plans and Contract Documents.
Bids due in 19 days
11/17/20 1:30 pm
WWTP UV Disinfection Upgrade - Distribution
City of Walla Walla
Walla Walla, WA
The project includes construction of civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical work to install Owner supplied Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment. Additional Description: The existing VU will have to be demolished and new channels for the new UV equipment installed in a phased sequence. Call Scott Krallman at JUB Engineers at 208.719.3066 with technical questions.
Bids due in 15 days
11/13/20 10:00 am
Browns Park Playground and Shelter (Re-Bid) - Distribution
City of Spokane Valley
Spokane Valley, WA
Demolition of existing site improvements including playground equipment, sidewalk and other improvements. Construction includes grading, underground utilities, concrete curb, concrete flatwork, electrical installation (new restroom/shelter lighting and site lighting), site preparation and installation of new Owner provided pre-manufactured restroom, new Owner provided pre-manufactured shelter, and new Owner provided playground equipment with poured-in-place resilient surfacing and engineered wood fiber surfacing, irrigation and landscaping, and other related work.