Bravo Company Blvd. MSW and Wood Debris Removal - Distribution

The Work to be performed under this contract includes excavation of municipal solid waste (MSW) and log yard wood debris from the project area; transporting and disposal of these materials at a Contractor-provided and City-approved Subtitle D permitted solid waste disposal facility; dewatering excavation work zones; loading and hauling Contractor-provided granular materials to the project area; installing low permeability barrier walls; placing and compacting granular backfill material in excavation zones; preparing a health and safety plan; and performing hazardous material management. Work will occur within public right-of-way and construction easements in the City of Yakima, WA and will serve to prepare embankments for future Bravo Company Boulevard and Cascade Mill Parkway roadway construction projects. Work also includes installing temporary erosion control measures; clearing and grubbing; removing certain existing features; mass grading (excavation and embankment) of roadway corridors; grading with imported granular materials; decommissioning existing groundwater and gas monitoring wells; groundwater quality treatment; contractor-provided surveying; trimming and cleanup; traffic control, and other work.


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Bid Date9/29/20 2:00 pm

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City of Yakima

Randy Tabert   (509) 576-6579


Yakima, WA